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[TYPE ANATOMY] beardline

ほとんど見たことも聞いたこともない語。実は、以下の通りdescender lineの同義語で、出典は2つのみ。ただその一つがRobert Bringhurst著の『The Elements Of Typographic Style: Version 3.0』という。

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descender line

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Whether written by hand or set into type, the Latin lowercase alphabet implies an invisible staff consisting of at least four lines: topline, midline, baseline and beardline. The topline is the line reached by ascenders in letters like b, d, h, k, l. The midline marks the top of letters like a, c, e, m, x, and the top of the torso of letters like b, d, h. The baseline is the line on which all these letters rest. The beardline is the line reached by descenders in letters like p and q. The cap line, marking the top of uppercase letters like H, does not necessarily coincide with the topline of the lower case.
Round letters like e and o normally dent the baseline. Pointed letters like v and w normally pierce it, while the foot serifs of letters like h and m usually rest precisely upon it.

Bringhurst, Robert. The Elements Of Typographic Style: Version 3.0. Hartley & Marks, 2004, 384p. (p.322)
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